July 2, 2013 ( – When Democratic Sen. Wendy Davis successfully filibustered the Texan bill that would ban abortion after 20 weeks last week, a Californian post-abortive woman wept in frustration.

“I basically lost it that night,” said Hannah Smith, using a pseudonym, to “From hearing the rejoicing on twitter about the filibuster in the Texas Senate, to getting myself involved in twitter and internet wars about abortion, I lost all control. I got angry, very angry, to the point where I had an anxiety attack.”  

“I lost control because of my intense emotion over abortion, the greatest crime against humanity,” she said. 

Hannah, now a wife and mother of two, aborted her child five years ago on the eve of her nineteenth birthday. She could not help but see the irony of her ‘choice’ at that time: that on the day she should have been celebrating her own birth, she was deliberately making sure that her own child would never have a birthday to celebrate. 


When she married and became pregnant a few years later, Hannah came to see her abortion as a cowardly act that ended the life of a person whom she would have grown to love and who would have in time returned that love. She came to deeply regret her ‘choice’, wishing that abortion had never been a legal option for her. 

“I know I wouldn't have made that choice if it were not so accessible to me,” she told LifeSiteNews in a previous interview this past April. “I would have dealt with my consequences as I should have. I wish abortion was never legal, and I never would have had that choice, because I would be with my child, and my life would not be so full of pain and regret.” 

Hannah said that when she witnessed pro-abortion Wendy Davis become a media darling for her eleven hour filibuster, she became extremely frustrated. 

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“I lost it because so many people just brush off and ignore this atrocity of abortion and say that the woman’s life and interests are more valuable than a ‘fetus’.’” 

“I just wanted to scream: ‘Why is this happening? Why do people believe this way?’”

“They refuse to look at images of late-term abortion and attack you for even showing them. Why can they not stand to look at the truth of the dismemberment, the decapitating, the snipping, and the injection? Is it so hard for them to realize that they’ve been wrong all along, that a child is a human being too? We were all there once. Why can we not have compassion for a place in life where we all have been?” 

Hannah said her heart especially breaks for the children abandoned to abortion by politicians like Davis who champion death in the name of ‘women’s rights’. 

“My heart aches extreme pain that I have not been able to help these children, any of them. My heart aches extreme pain that abortion continues to be allowed. The pain rips me apart emotionally from the inside out and I am left feeling helpless, just like the children who were helpless before being horridly ripped apart…” 

Hannah thanked pro-life governor Rick Perry for his “pro-life efforts” and encouraged him to “keep fighting strong.” 

“Life is beautiful, and everybody should be able to experience it,” she said. 

Gov. Perry declared on Wednesday that the state would not bow to “mob tactics,” and has called a special session to allow passage of the pro-life measure.