‘Praise God, Manassas!’ Virginia abortionist tells priest he’s quitting the abortion industry

Charles Akoda "took a very bold step and met with a priest and has declared himself out of the abortion business," a 40 Days for Life volunteer told
Mon Apr 28, 2014 - 12:30 pm EST

MANASSAS, VA, April 28, 2014 ( – Christ's love helped bring an abortion doctor out of the industry, according to a pro-life advocate.


Ken Groves, a pro-life activist with 40 Days for Life in Manassas, Virginia, says that abortion doctor Charles J. Akoda "took a very bold step and met with a priest and has declared himself out of the abortion business." Groves wrote that this happened yesterday, which is Divine Mercy Sunday in the Roman Catholic Church.

Amethyst Health Center for Women owner, Elizabeth Van Der Woude, verified in a phone call with that Akoda is no longer with her facility.

According to Groves, in a phone call with LifeSiteNews, what convinced Akoda to leave the clinic was "a combination of compassion, care, kindness, and persistence – in other words, the love of Christ being seen."

Groves said this was a lesson for him, because "it's easy to criticize from afar. But befriending an abortion doctor reminds us that they're human, just as we are. And that's what it took."

Groves declined further comment on the situation, saying that it's "still sensitive."

His e-mail to 40 Days for Life asked for prayers "for Dr. Akoda's spiritual protection, as he walks a new path in his life," as well asking everyone to "thank God for his amazing conversion."

Groves said he would like pro-life activists to avoid contacting Akoda at this time, so he would not feel pressure or as though he was being used as a prop for the movement.

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Groves was overjoyed. "Praise God, Manassas!" he concluded.

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