Matthew Hoffman


Pravda publishes attack on Brazilian president’s pro-abortion policies

Matthew Hoffman

August 2, 2012 ( - The Portuguese version of the Russian communist news service Pravda, (“Truth”) featured an essay by pro-life activist Alberto Monteiro attacking Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s pro-abortion policies on its front page last week. The news service displayed a link to the article at the top of the page, and an image of Rousseff next to the figure of a pregnant woman with a red fetus inside her body.

The article accuses Rousseff of violating her campaign promises, in which she pledged not to introduce legislation to legalize abortion. It also provides links to various statements by Catholic bishops and priests denouncing Rousseff and explaining the connivance of international organizations seeking to impose population control agendas on the country.

“Copious documentation, found on the Official Daily of the Union, shows that the government of Dilma, through the Ministry of Health, in agreement with the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, contrary to the promises that the president had made during the electoral campaign ARE GIVING CONTINUITY TO NEW INITIATIVES TO IMPLANT ABORTION IN BRAZIL, initiatives whose new principles date from 2009, the period of the Lula government,” writes Monteiro.

“Brazil, and many other countries along with it, are being led to a new form of dictatorship, unknown until today in the annals of history ... the problem transcends the borders of any country, because it is part of a joint plan heavily financed by international organizations that invest in the promotion of abortion around the world,” Monteiro also states.


Pravda’s decision to publish an open call for opposition to Rousseff’s pro-abortion agenda is a sign of the increasing support of pro-life and pro-family causes among Russians.

Under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, the Russian state has become a strong supporter of the Russian Orthodox Church, and in recent years has moved to eliminate state subsidies for most abortions. Putin has also announced plans to offer subsidies for larger families.

Such moves have been provoked in part by population declines suffered in Russia during the last decade. In February of this year, Prime Minister Medvedev warned: “We are facing the risk of turning into an ‘empty space’ whose fate will not be decided by us.” He added, “The historic price of the choice between action and inaction is nearly 50 million human lives over the next 40 years.”

Putin’s United Russia Party’s administration in Moscow and St. Petersburg have also firmly opposed the implementation of “gay parades” and other public displays on the part of the homosexual movement.

Russia’s communist leadership was the first to legalize abortion in the history of modern Europe, although it was mostly prohibited under the leadership of Josef Stalin. Following Stalin’s death it was again made legal, and is today one of the leading causes of deaths among Russians, with 74 abortions for every 100 live births.

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