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Libby Vlasic holds up the incredible ultrasound picture.Fortitude Press

NEW YORK, August 21, 2017 (SPUC) — Libby and Mathew Vlasic of New York spent years trying for baby number two. So, were overjoyed when they discovered that a sibling for their six-year-old son Miles was on the way.

According to the Mirror, the happy couple found out that they were expecting a little girl at nine weeks – but the biggest surprise was to come at the 20-week scan. 

The proud parents couldn't believe their eyes when they saw their baby daughter's hand reaching up to give them a high five, from the womb.

Libby told the paper: “On the day of the scan, I wasn't physically feeling the best, so it took me a little while to realize what had happened. However, the scan technician was very excited about it at the time and now I realise how special it was.”

The image went viral after the couple shared it on social media. “It has been reposted on many pregnancy profiles on Instagram since, and one page in particular last time I checked had over 6000 likes, so I guess it was a hit, I have definitely had a lot of comments about it.”

Libby, now thirty weeks along, is thoroughly enjoying her pregnancy. “It is such a beautiful and wonderful time, the female body is so fascinating the way it adapts to be able to create, sustain and produce life, I'm constantly in awe.”

Editor’s note: Reprinted by permission from Society for the Protection of Unborn Children.