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These conjoined twins lived mere hours, but their dad says it was 100% worth it: rejected abortion

Ben Johnson

May 6, 2014 ( – A Christian couple says that though their conjoined twin sons lived only a few hours, the two boys brought such intense joy that they wanted to share their sons' story with the world.

Harold Chatelain told his story after submitting a photo of his conjoined third and fourth sons, Anders and Brodie, to Glenn Beck's publication The Blaze, which is hosting a photo contest for readers entitled, “The Blaze Best Moments.”

Chatelain said his family knew about the potential complications, but “My wife and I are Christians We do not believe in abortion thus the decision to carry to term.”

Their boys were born and died on the same day.

“We got to hold them for only a few hours but that was a very precious and priceless few hours,” he told The Blaze. “Our two families were all there, as we knew they would most likely live only a short time.”

Chatelain referred to the twins, who shared a heart, as his “precious angels.”

“Though it tears me up every second of every day to think about them and miss them, I would go through it everyday of my life just to get to hold them one more time.”

“Mommy and daddy miss you Anders and Brodie,” he concluded. “We will see you one day again and we will rock the heavens with playful joy."

His is one of many stories of pro-life parents who chose to give birth to conjoined twins, despite physicians' warnings and the complications such pregnancies could create.

Felicia Simms, the mother of five-year-old girls conjoined at the head, made a powerful video refuting the pro-abortion “bodily autonomy” argument for Secular Pro-Life. She noted that, since the two share a brain, each depends on the other for survival.

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Amanda Schulten, a Catholic from the Chicago area, rejected doctors' advice to abort her conjoined twins. The girls, who share a heart and liver, were delivered safely by C-section on September 6, 2011.

In February, Australian couple Renee Young and Simon Howie announced they would not abort their conjoined twins. Older sister Patsyanne said the babies “may have a deformity” but they are "still human.”

Readers interested in submitting their photos to The Blaze for use in its “Best Moments” promotion can send them to [email protected]. You may see other inspiring photos and read full stories at their Facebook site:

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