Kathleen Gilbert


Pregnant actress Tina Fey: we chose to prioritize family over career

Kathleen Gilbert

April 15, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Tina Fey, the actress Newsweek called “the most admired woman in showbusiness,” has enjoyed immense popularity as a comedienne and star of her own comedy show.

But, she says, this has not stopped the 40-year-old star and her husband from welcoming more children into their home at the peak of Fey’s career.

“It’s really happening!” exclaimed Fey of her current pregnancy, her second child, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey Tuesday. The audience burst into loud applause at the news.

Fey, who discusses her dilemma over children in her newly-released book Bossypants, said that she hadn’t expected her public success to last so long.

“You get to 40 and you think well, do I really want to do it or is it because I’m running out of time,” Fey said. “And also because I thought 30 Rock would be cancelled by now and I’d have time to do this.”

Nonetheless, she said, she chose to go ahead with being a mom again rather than forgo welcoming more members of her family.

“My husband and I really decided that we felt rather than risk having the show end in several years and feeling like part of our family is missing that we were going to prioritize our family,” Fey said.

Jenn Giroux, mother of nine and an advocate of larger family size, has said that her experience as a registered nurse revealed the “mourning” older couples experience after decades of contracepting deprived them of the children they might have had.

“Our generation is completely filled with grief and post-contraceptive regret,” said Giroux, leader of a group of mothers who advocate for welcoming children. “We were blown away at our first talk with how many women could relate with what we were saying … we want to witness to the younger generation so they don’t repeat our mistakes.”

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