KHARKOV, Ukraine, September 12, 2005 ( – A UK report has revealed that the booming unborn baby parts market may have also now spilled over into born babies, with allegations that newborn babies are disappearing from Ukraine maternity wards to fuel the increasing demand.

One Ukrainian research institute advertises foetal body parts, such as “Foetus spleen cells,” and “fragments of foetus spine.” The Institute for Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine of the National Academy of Sciences claims all the materials for sale are produced legally from early aborted babies.

In the Ukraine, however, any baby born less than 27 weeks gestational age or weighing under 1 kg (21b 3oz) is registered as an “abortion.” Human rights activists told the UK’s Times on Line they believe the unregistered babies, whether alive or dead are in many instances taken from their mothers and never returned, to be sold for body parts.

Late-term abortions – and correspondingly, babies born alive and not aborted – are considered even more valuable than babies aborted earlier, because their more highly developed tissue and organs are mostly intact. The accounts of the usefulness of partial-birth for foetal tissue sales and the killing of mistakenly live-born infants at abortion mills were confirmed by former abortion provider Eric Harrah. (See the coverage:

Ukraine is changing its definition of live birth in response to international pressure.

See Times on Line coverage:,,13509-1773726,00.html

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