KENTUCKY, Aug 20 ( – The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA, not to be confused with the PCUSA) held their 27th General Assembly this summer and during their proceedings,  reiterated the denomination’s condemnation of abortion. The appeal to revisit abortion came from Pennsylvanian churches (in the denomination’s Philadelphia Presbytry). Christian Renewal, reporting on the deliberations, said that the recommendations included “approaching the President of the United States, Congressional leaders, and the Chief Justice of the United States with a strong statement against abortion.”

Another recommendation was for the establishment of a Sanctity of Human Life Sub-Committee under the Christian Education committee, to help prepare materials to educate church members about abortion, in particular “of the responsibility to show compassionate love to those contemplating abortion.” The PCA is also planning a national day of prayer and fasting for the end of abortion next year.

On other matters, the denomination also reiterated its concerns about “the homosexual agenda being promoted through the agency of government schools,” adding that “given the serious threat that sexual perversion generally, and homosexuality in particular, represents to young people in our society, the congregations of the PCA are encouraged to study the Scriptures,  to pray for God’s mercy and truth to triumph in the lives of people involved in or affected by homosexuality, to speak and act pastorally on behalf of our children …”