President Bush Tells United Nations to Protect Life - Ban Cloning

NEW YORK, September 21, 2004 ( - Speaking at United Nations headquarters in New York today, President George W. Bush addressed the United Nations General Assembly.  The theme of the President’s speech focused on the reason for humanitarian action on the part of the U.S. flowing from the belief in “human dignity.”

Among many topics such as fighting poverty, disease, and terrorism, the President included a reference to protecting life. He stated, “Because we believe in human dignity, we should take seriously the protection of life from exploitation under any pretext.

In that context he noted his support for the ban on human cloning.  The U.S. President stated, “In this session, the U.N. will consider a resolution sponsored by Costa Rica calling for a comprehensive ban on human cloning. I support that resolution and urge all governments to affirm a basic ethical principle: No human life should ever be produced or destroyed for the benefit of another.”  If followed, such a principal would protect human life from conception till natural death.  See the full address by President Bush:   jhw

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