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MADRID (LifeSiteNews) – The president of Iberian pharmaceutical giant PharmaMar has been identified as one of over 2,000 people charged by the Spanish police with having purchased falsified COVID-19 jab documentation in order to appear “vaccinated” against the virus without taking the shot.

José María Fernández Sousa-Faro, founder and president of PharmaMar – one of Spain’s foremost pharmaceutical companies – has been listed by Spanish police as paying to have his name added to the National Immunization Registry by a criminal network producing doctored coronavirus “vaccine” certificates, Spanish newspaper El Periódico de España reported.

Known as Operation Jenner, a national police investigation uncovered the names of over 2,200 people, including celebrities and European elites, on the National Immunization Registry who had paid to have their names on the official record without having received the shots. 76-year-old Sousa-Faro was listed as having received his third dose of the jabs along with other notable names, including Australian tennis player Álex de Miñaur and Spanish musician Omar Montes, El Mundo reported.

Operation Jenner discovered that the syndicate had been operating from around September 2021 until January this year. The operation was also responsible for uncovering a similar network at large in the European Union which led to the arrest of 15 people who had been charging money in exchange for their name to be listed on the National Immunization Registry.

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The criminal network reportedly charged increasing prices depending on how many doses of the shots an individual requested to be listed as having received.

According to prominent Spanish newspaper ABC, Sousa-Faro paid the organization between 1,000 and 2,000 euros ($1070–$2140) to appear in the database with three shots, granting him the COVID pass for travel, among other conditional “freedoms.” Police allege that he arranged to receive saline injections.

The head of the false certification operation was a nursing assistant working at the La Paz University Hospital in Madrid. He was arrested in April this year and is accused of acquiring more than 200,000 euros for fraudulently registering over 2,200 names in the COVID vaccine registry.

Sousa-Faro, who is also a professor of Biochemistry at the Complutense and Santiago de Compostela Universities and has a degree in business administration from IESE in Madrid, is yet to be summoned by the courts.

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Reports have continually pointed to the COVID jabs posing more heart-related problems for young men than the virus itself, and new data emanating from Denmark suggests that the COVID shots may be fatal for as many as 1 in 4,000 people.

Commenting on Sousa-Faro’s involvement in fake COVID jab registration while running a large pharmaceutical company, vaccine safety researcher Steve Kirsch asked “Why would the chief executive of a very large pharma company in Spain pay a huge fee (it was set based on ability to pay) and risk a long prison sentence to avoid taking a perfectly safe vaccine that will keep him from dying from COVID?”

The answer, Kirsch suggested, is that he wanted “to avoid dying from the vaccine.”

Help Amanda recover from her vax injuries: LifeFunder