President Trump ‘is sounding like a bishop’ should when he speaks about unborn children

'He’s basically quoting the Catholic Catechism,' Bishop Joseph Strickland said on his podcast today.
Wed Oct 14, 2020 - 1:08 pm EST
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October 14, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas offered high praise for President Donald J. Trump this week on The Bishop Strickland Show, which is being streamed live every Tuesday night on LifeSite’s YouTube channel here at 9:00 pm EST. Strickland is one of the most outspoken bishops on pro-life issues in the entire country. 

During his conversation with co-host Terry Barber, His Excellency said that we should “put politics aside” and simply recognize that the sitting President of the United States is speaking about unborn children in a way that makes him sound like he’s a Catholic bishop.

“He’s basically quoting the Catholic Catechism,” Strickland remarked. “He is sounding like a Bishop or any faithful Catholic.”

Strickland and Barber had just watched a clip of Trump’s address to this year’s virtual Al Smith dinner, the annual fundraising event usually hosted in New York City that Democratic and Republican presidential candidates normally address in person.

Barber agreed wholeheartedly with Bishop Strickland, saying, “I appreciate President Trump speaking like this…I was shocked when I heard this.”

Strickland and Barber also touched on the sexual revolution launched in the 1960s and the Netflix movie Cuties. Both agreed that the film was pornographic and that anyone who has a subscription to Netflix should cancel it immediately. 

During the tail end of the broadcast, Bishop Strickland expressed strong resistance to a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine. He echoed the remarks of Bishop Athanasius Schneider in saying that such a vaccine is not from God and that people of faith need to resist all efforts to require a vaccine.

“It’s the whole pharmaceutical industry. There’s a lot of money in these vaccines — not just for COVID but vaccines, period. And it’s all woven into the abortion industry…they want to make money.”

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