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MEXICO CITY (LifeSitenews) — Pro-life Catholic actor and Sound of Freedom producer Eduardo Verástegui said he strongly opposes as a Mexican presidential candidate the LGBT agenda and will protect children from rainbow “indoctrination” and “sexualization” in schools.

Verástegui declared on X, formerly Twitter, that if elected president he will not allow LGBT ideology to “contaminate” Mexico. He said he would oppose the sexualization of school children, public Pride propaganda, adoption by homosexuals, transexual men competing in women’s sports, and the entire agenda represented by the rainbow flag.

“Let me be very clear,” he said. “If I am given the opportunity to be President of Mexico, I will not allow the whole LGBT alphabet and more to continue to contaminate our nation. I do not want Mexican children sexualized and indoctrinated in schools with books that promote gender ideology. Neither propaganda in public spaces, nor adoptions that deprive children of having a mom and dad. There is no right to adopt, there is the right of children to be adopted.”

All Mexicans will have the same opportunities, without privileges. And there will be no men usurping the place of women in sports competitions, reducing them to mere spectators of the triumphs of athletes with a physical advantage. In Mexico we have a beautiful flag and that is the only flag that represents us and there we all fit. We will not allow groups of a noisy minority to come and define public policies that affect the vast majority of our nation.

The lion’s roar can already be heard. Long live the family!

Verástegui filed Sept. 7 as a presidential candidate for Mexico’s 2024 elections. He must secure close to 1 million signatures by early January to get his name on the presidential ballot.

When announcing his candidacy, the pro-life actor declared, “My fight is for life. My fight is for freedom. It is time to remove the same old people from power. Our country needs a new way of doing politics, to eradicate corruption and impunity. We are on time! Let’s go all out, for our Mexico!”

Verástegui is best known for his most recent production of the summer’s surprise blockbuster movie exposing child trafficking, Sound of Freedom. Since the premiere of the movie, which starred Jim Caviezel, Verástegui has been at the forefront of the global movement to end child sex trafficking.

He also starred in the pro-life movie Bella that premiered in Toronto in 2008 and he and producer Leo Severino spoke at Canada’s annual March for Life in front of Parliament in 2007 and during the Rose Dinner in the evening.

In July, he stood with El Salvador President Nayib Bukele as he signed a pledge to halt child exploitation. And on November 24, Argentina president-elect Javier Milei signed an agreement with Verástegui pledging to fight child sex trafficking.


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