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(LifeSiteNews) — A conservative presidential candidate in Argentina recently made sweeping criticisms of abortion, announcing that he would offer citizens an opportunity to overturn the nation’s 14-week abortion ban to further protect the unborn if he is elected.

Javier Milei, who founded the right-wing political coalition La Libertad Avanza (Liberty Advances), made the remarks in an interview the day after he won the August 13 primary elections. The general election will be held on October 22. Incumbent president Alberto Fernandez is not seeking re-election.

Speaking with journalist Alejandro Fantino of Neura Media, Milei said that just because “something is legal does not mean that it is legitimate,” arguing that many laws are not. When Fantino brought up the example of Argentina’s abortion law – which allows for the murder of the unborn up to 14 weeks’ gestation – the candidate said he “oppose[s]” it because “it goes against the right to life.”

Asked if he would “review” the legislation, Milei said he would “at least make a plebiscite” that, if favored by the electorate, would lead the law to “be eliminated.”

He emphasized the need to “let the Argentines choose,” acknowledging that they may disagree with him if “they believe in the assassination of a defenseless human being in the mother’s womb.”

“In reality, it is part of one of the discussions of post-Marxism, which is man against nature, the ecologism. And the bloodiest line of all of that is the abortion agenda.”

He went on to criticize the Club of Rome for its “horrendous mistakes” involving drastic measures to avoid perceived environmental threats.

“The Club of Rome said, look, the world uses all these fossil resources to generate energy, because that number is given at the rate at which the world uses all these fossil resources to generate energy. Given that number… the rate we’re putting out in the year 2000 there’s going to be a blackout. In that blackout, a large part of the world’s population is going to die and there will only be one billion human beings left.”

To avoid this anticipated catastrophe, Milei said, “abortion is promoted” by people who “think they are so advanced” but are really “brainwashed by a murderous policy based on a mistake.”

He also pointed out that 6.25 billion human beings were alive in the year 2000, with that number reaching eight billion in 2022.

Fantino then said, warning the candidate for whom he expressed respect, “I would advise you; it’s a right already won,” referring to abortion.

“How can it be that it is an earned right to be able to kill other human beings?” Milei replied. “My position [is based on] a philosophical question. I base it on a biological question and on a mathematical question.”

“The point is that… it is life and that is not philosophical, that is biological,” the candidate continued when the journalist insisted abortion is an “earned right.”

“Life begins at the moment of fertilization. At the moment of fertilization, you’ve already gone through that whole process. So, what if at, I don’t know, three weeks your mother would have the idea of killing you inside her womb, it was allowed because you were not life yet. How were you not life evolving?”

Milei continued his passionate words by saying that “the little green handkerchiefs” that became a symbol of abortion advocacy in Argentina “are so upset to see the images of abortions because you realize that you’re killing a human being.”

Abortion was legalized in Argentina in December 2020, when the nation’s Senate voted to approve legislation permitting the elective murder of the unborn up to 14 weeks’ gestation. Previously, abortion was only legal in cases of rape and when the pregnancy threatened the health of the mother.


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