TORONTO, Nov 5 ( – Roberts Pharmaceuticals, The Canadian distributor of the abortifacient “emergency contraceptive” kit Preven, began its promised “aggressive” marketing scheme today with radio advertisements and a front page article courtesy of the Globe and Mail. Dr Albert Yuzpe, a spokesperson for Roberts said “This isn’t an abortion pill. It will not disrupt a pregnancy that is established.” To its credit, the paper explained that while “proponents of the morning-after pill say it is not an abortion drug because pregnancy does not begin until after a fertilized egg is securely implanted in the womb… its opponents are equally adamant that life begins the moment a sperm fertilizes an egg.” 

LifeSite has found a revealing quote from the president of Roberts’ US provider Gynetics in relation to the drug’s abortifacient effect. The November 1998 issue of the Canadian Pharmaceutical Journal notes that “while additional doses of oral contraceptives have been used for two decades to Preven ovum implantation for up to 72 hours after intercourse, company president Roderick Mackenzie says his product, Preven will be the first in Canada sold solely for that purpose.” 

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