I suppose congratulations are in order to Peter Kostmayer and Zero Population Growth (ZPG) for finally admitting that the population control movement has a “dark underside” [Billionaire Boys Cause, 1 October 1997]. Honesty compels me to point out, however, that Kostmayer’s admission only reiterates what the Population Research Institute has been saying for years.

It has been PRI, not ZPG, which has investigated, researched and exposed population control abuses across the developing world. We are the ones who have publicized, as widely as possible, the facts of coercive sterilization programs, abandoned baby girls in China, and the use of acid to burn women’s wombs. Further, we have pointed out and documented that such abuses are not extraordinary but have characterized the movement from the beginning.

On these matters ZPG and other population control advocates have remained until now, unsurprisingly, silent. We will of course be interested to see whether ZPG follows up on Kostmayer’s frank admissions with action to curtail such abuse. Hope, after all, can spring eternal.

As for PRI being characterized as a “xenophobic hate group” we can only counter by inviting the general public to read our publications and visit our web-site [], as I wish Mr. Goetz had done before he wrote his article. Nothing contained therein is in any way “xenophobic” or “hate” filled and we will rely on the average visitor’s intelligence and common sense to judge our work.

Sincerely,  David Morrison Editor Population Research Institute Review