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(LifeSiteNews) –– One of North America’s largest banks is calling for gay “pride” celebrations to extend past June, and last “all year” long and “beyond.”

TD Bank, one of Canada’s five largest banks and reportedly the seventh largest banking system in the United States, has recently renewed its commitment to promote the LGBT agenda to its customers. 

“Pride doesn’t stop in June, and neither does our commitment to the LGBTQ2+ community,” TD Bank announced earlier this month. 

“We’re helping to make progress by supporting organizations that provide expanded health and wellness services, provide safe spaces, fight against financial inequality and amplify voices,” it continued. 

“Our drive for positive change lasts all year. And beyond,” TD Bank promised. 

TD Bank’s pledge to celebrate the LGBT agenda comes as other American companies have faced major backlash and financial losses from pushing LGBT ideology on their customers.  

In May, Target’s stock plummeted $9 billion in market capitalization just a week after they launched children’s merchandise that promoted homosexual and transgender ideology. The stock loss came as thousands signed a petition calling for a boycott of the company.  

Beer brand Bud Light faced similar losses this year after consumers boycotted their products following collaboration with TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney, a man who claims he identifies as a little girl.    

In the latest report, sales of Bud Light products outside of bars and restaurants in the week ending April 22 were reportedly down 26.1 percent compared to last year, while sales of competitor brands like Coors Lite and Miller Lite ticked up.   

Likewise, sports celebrities have spoken out against companies celebrating “Pride Month.” However, those who have spoken out were met with strong backlash and consequences. 

Anthony Bass, a 12-year veteran of Major League Baseball, had to apologize to the LGBT community after he called for a boycott of companies pushing LGBT ideology. However, the apology was apparently insufficient as he was cut from the Toronto Blue Jays shortly afterwards. 

Despite backlash, sports celebrities continue to speak out. In May, MLB pitcher Trevor Williams called for boycott of LA Dodgers over its promotion of blasphemous drag “nuns.”

While the LA Dodgers refused to back down from celebrating the anti-Catholic Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a protest of the event drew thousands while the stadiums stood mostly empty as the LA Dodgers presented the drag “nuns” with an award.