“PrideFest” Organizer Charged for Soliciting 14-Year Old Boy over the Internet

Thu Jul 26, 2007 - 12:15 pm EST

By Elizabeth O’Brien

WAUWATOSA, WI, July 26, 2007 ( - A homosexual event organizer has been charged with felony for sexually soliciting a 14-year old boy over the Internet, World Net Daily (WND) reports.

42-year old David Bodoh contacted the Oconomowoc boy through an Internet chat room. The boy’s foster mother contacted the police, however, and an undercover agent pretended to be the boy over the Internet. According to Quest, Bodoh pretended to be 21, and sent sexually explicit emails as well as nude photos of himself. He arranged to meet the boy at Brookfield Square Mall on July 12, promising to give him "the ride of his life".

On reaching the rendezvous point on his motorbike, Bodoh was promptly arrested by police. He was charged in the Waukesha Circuit Court on July 13, but was released when he paid a $5000 cash bond and a $25,000 signature bond. At present, he is forbidden to contact anyone younger than 18 or use the Internet. If he is charged, he could face 25 years in jail and a $100,000 fine. The preliminary hearing will take place August 9.

After Bodoh was arrested, he offered to withdraw from his role in the Milwaukee "PrideFest" that took place from June 8 to 10. Bodoh’s name was removed from the "PrideFest" website, WND reports. Nevertheless, he is still mentioned as "Community Outreach" in an archived page.

According to the Wisconsin gay website Quest, "PrideFest" chair Scott Gunkel issued the following statement, "PrideFest cannot comment on the allegations against volunteer David Bodoh because they are a legal and a personal matter. Mr. Bodoh had been a volunteer on the festival’s production team, but he resigned from his position earlier this week."

He continued, "PrideFest reaffirms its ongoing commitment to creating a safe space for all people, and in particular youth. There is nothing more important to us than to ensure the safety of our patrons and all members of the community."

Bodoh, whose Native American name is "Crooked Crow", has volunteered at the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center as well as the Milwaukee Gay Arts Center. He is also the successful owner of Red Tail Construction in Wauwatosa, a business that has worked on projects such as the U.S. Federal Court House, Wauwatosa Now reports.

Earlier this June, Bodoh testified about his sexual orientation along with five others in a story entitled, "It’s the Most Liberating Thing." Posted in the Milwaukee Shephered-Express, Bodoh stated, "We traditional tribal people don’t identify as gay or bisexual. We don’t have homosexuality. We have four genders-masculine male, feminine male, masculine female and feminine female-plus something like a fifth gender, two spirited."

He continued, "The two-spirited person has both the male and female spirit in one human body. It’s the only gender that can go to either gender. We believe that all of the people on the Earth have these genders, whether they are traditional or not." He added that the Christians are the only ones who are "judgmental."

This is not the first time that a sex offender has been involved in organizing a gay pride event. In 2005, for example, the residents of San Diego were outraged when they learned that San Diego "gay pride" organizers had hired a number of registered sex offenders to help in the homosexual celebrations. These workers included "Marty the Clown," who was scheduled to entertain at the San Diego Gay Pride Children’s Garden. (see

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