By John-Henry Westen

  BOSTON, March 7, 2006 ( – The homosexual propaganda film Brokeback Mountain, besides winning three Oscars over the weekend, has shown itself as an adept tool forÂouting dissidents within the Catholic Church. While committed Catholics have seen in the film as a dangerous propaganda tool which normalizes homosexuality, left-leaning Catholics have been hard-pressed to outdo one another in lauding the film.

  First, the director for the USCCB Office for Film and Broadcasting Harry Forbes gushed over Brokeback saying, “Director Ang Lee tells the story with a sure sense of time and place, and presents the narrative in a way that is more palatable than would have been thought possible.” (the review was substantially altered after exposed it

Also, a prominent Dominican Leader, Rev. Tom Condon, student master for St. Martin de Porres Province of the Dominicans, lauded the film as “an engrossing story, a plea for tolerance, and a sad, emotional film that will touch anyone who has ever been in love.” (

Shortly thereafter, the liberal associate editor of Canada’s largest Catholic newspaper – the archdiocese of Toronto’s Catholic Register, extolled the films portrayal of the homosexual acts saying, “When the gay cowboy lovers first discover a way to be authentic with each other – truthful about their basic sexual attractions and the source of their happiness in each other – they achieve a resemblance to truth itself.” (

ÂFinally, the new Archbishop of San Francisco, whose installation was appreciatively received by the homosexual community, called the film “very powerful”. (

Father Allan LoftusThe latest example has Father John Allan Loftus, S.J. the Director of the Jesuit Urban Center at the Boston Church of the Immaculate Conception recommending a “Brokeback Lent.” In his homily for Ash Wednesday, March 1, Loftus urged congregants to watch the film. “I suspect many in this community have already seen Brokeback Mountain,” he said. “If not see it; if you have, see it again and reflect on the consequences of not being interiorly free, the consequences of not knowing who you really are and want to become, the tragic consequences and subsequent devastation that comes from only living in a ‘pretend’ world.”

  Rev. Loftus proposed, contrary to Catholic teaching, that sexual sin is not real sin, whereas not giving in to one’s desires is sin.“For too many of us, what we think of as ‘our sinfulness,’ our not yet even being the full human beings we are created to become, remains a paltry and cheap catalogue of peccadillos, usually having something to do with sex or not being ‘charitable’ toward each other. Those so-called ‘sins’ are hardly worth setting aside 40 days each year to ponder; those sins of yours or mine are hardly worth mentioning, really.” Loftus continued, “There is something much bigger at stake here than my petty sinfulness, my unkindness, my frustrated sex life, or my infuriating love life. The sin that is before us always is our refusal to grow into the freedom for which we were born.”

  The fact that Brokeback Mountain is a propaganda film to normalize homosexuality has been attested to by even the secular media, but has also been analyzed as such by an expert in the field. Dr. R. Winfield, in an article on the controversial film writes, “Having studied propaganda and its effects on societies for over 50 years, I can state unequivocally that the film Brokeback Mountain is one of the most blatant propaganda pieces of recent times.”

  Winfield’s must-read analysis of the film points out that scenery, music and lighting were all expertly utilized in the film to create a “most effective” piece of propaganda which “comes in under the radar, it’s innocuous and appeals to our humanity and emotions.” (see the full analysis:Â)

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