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WHITE PLAINS, New York (LifeSiteNews) — Three pro-life activists, including a Catholic priest, were sentenced to three months in jail yesterday following a rescue effort at an abortion facility during which they counseled women to choose life for their preborn children.

Father Christopher “Fidelis” Moscinski and William Goodman, both 52, and Matthew Connolly, 40, were given the maximum sentence by White Plains City Court Judge John Collin for the misdemeanor charge of third-degree criminal trespass, according to The Examiner News. 

The penalty is due to the men’s efforts to save the lives of unborn children during a “Red Rose Rescue” at All Women’s Health & Medical Services on November 27 last year. At the time, the men spoke to the women inside the abortion mill, offering each a red rose, for which their operations are named. 

Each rose had a Miraculous Medal and a note attached that read, “You were made to love and be loved … Your goodness is greater than the difficulties of your situation. Circumstances change. A new life, however tiny, brings the promise of unrepeatable joy.”

In March, Goodman told LifeSiteNews that the women smiled when the rescuers gave them the roses, and that one “relatively long” conversation took place, describing the experience as positive.

The men were in the abortion mill for about two hours and insisted on remaining there despite repeated requests from staff and police that they leave the building, according to the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office. Police officers eventually carried the men out of the building to arrest them.

Steve Anduze, the men’s attorney, had clarified to Matt Spillane of Rockland/Westchester News that the Red Rose Rescuers did not block the women’s access to any place or any activity within the abortion mill.

“All they did was hand out roses to the patients in the waiting room and offer them alternatives to abortion and supportive services,” he said. “They were telling them that there were services available to them. They had the opportunity to choose a different path. They wanted to save the lives of the unborn,” Anduze said.

Nevertheless, District Attorney Mimi Rocah had pushed for the maximum penalty for the Red Rose Rescuers, arguing that “interfering with a patient’s right to access” what she described as “medical and reproductive care” is a crime in New York, The Examiner News reported.

Monica Miller, Director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society and co-founder of Red Rose Rescue, told LifeSiteNews in an email statement on Wednesday that “Fr. Fidelis, Will and Matthew frankly expected to be slammed with the maximum jail time.” 

“All through the trial earlier this year, Judge John Collins exhibited bias and hostility against the rescuers, granting everything the prosecutor requested. Moreover, residents of Westchester County, NY are very pro-abortion, keeping in mind that New York as a state was out front early in codifying abortion through the ninth month!” 

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Send prayers for Archie and his parents after 12-year-old's life is ended
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UPDATE (8/6/22): We are heartbroken to tell you that Archie's life-support was switched off on Saturday 6 August.

We ask you to add your name to the prayerful message we are sending Archie's parents, Hollie and Paul, who are suffering the most devastating time of their lives. 

Both the European Court of Human Rights and a UK High Court turned down respective applications by Archie's parents to halt the withdrawal of life-support and allow them to transfer their son to hospice care.

This cruel betrayal by the legal and medical establishment, who even denied Archie the right to travel abroad where treatment was being offered to him, represents another blow to the notion that human rights and parents' wishes really matter.

We can only hold Archie and the entire family in our prayers now.

Thank you for your support.

May God have mercy on them all.


Archie Battersbee (12) is on life-support in a UK hospital following a tragic accident, but doctors now want to end his treatment despite his distraught parents begging medics to let God decide when he dies.

Archie's heartbroken mother has submitted an application to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) that prevented the hospital turning off her son's life-support earlier today. 

SIGN this urgent petition in support of Archie and his family - tell the ECHR to Let Archie Live.

Lawyers for the hospital last night told Archie's family that he cannot be moved to a hospice, and that if an application to the ECHR was not received by 9am on 3 August, life support would be withdrawn at 11am.

Thankfully the family's lawyers submitted the ECHR application, or Archie would now be dead.

Archie’s mother Hollie Dance said: “We are very relieved (that Archie's machine was not turned off), we are having to battle every decision with the hospital. We now hope and pray that the ECHR will look favorably on the application."

"We will not give up on Archie until the end. Heartbreakingly, the hospital Trust have told us that we cannot move Archie to a hospice....This is cruel and we are absolutely appalled,” she added.

The family are also receiving offers from doctors abroad to treat Archie, but they are not allowed to transfer their son from the hospital.

On Tuesday government lawyers also convinced the UK's Supreme Court to dismiss the interim measures injunction issued by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD), which said Archie’s treatment should not be removed.

Archie's life is on the line - he needs us to raise the alarm throughout the world today.

SIGN AND SHARE this urgent petition today.

It is unspeakably cruel to drag Archie's mother through the courts when her son is in such a devastating condition - she should be allowed to spend this precious time with him, not having to fight tooth and nail to prevent doctors from withdrawing treatment.

While Archie's doctors claim he is "brain-stem dead", not one medic would testify before the courts that this is definitely the case. 

In fact, Archie's parents have footage of their son gripping their fingers, contrary to the doctors' claim he is "brain-stem dead".

Instead, Archie's mom is insisting that God should decide when her son passes, not doctors, lawyers, judges and politicians. 

Archie's dad, Paul Battersbee, fell ill outside the Court of Appeals on 25 July as he awaited a ruling that upheld the hospital's right to withdraw life-support treatment. 

Such is the stress, anxiety and pain that is being inflicted on these poor parents.

Please stand with this sorrowful mother and father today as they fight for their beloved son. 

Sign The Petition: Let Archie Live.

And please say a prayer for Archie and his family - this was the scene before lawyers managed to submit the ECHR application:


UK Supreme Court refuses more time for Archie's parents to appeal to UN court - LifeSiteNews

"We will not give up on Archie" - UK mother vows to fight court order - LifeSiteNews

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Miller added that “letters to the editor were printed in the local press demanding that the pro-lifers be given the maximum–and so here we are!”

The veteran pro-life activist has a positive outlook, however. She continued, “But, this is not a defeat. No, it is a spiritual victory as Father Fidelis, Will and Matthew embrace the Cross of Jesus– they unite their sufferings to the Passion of the Lord–and many great graces will be multiplied by their sacrifice.” 

“Others should be inspired by their example and also participate in Red Rose Rescues! The babies are waiting for us and need us to stand up for them in a true act of love, just as they are facing violent extermination,” said Miller.

Following the court’s misdemeanor conviction, Goodman told LifeSiteNews, “In response to the jury’s condemnation, we offer them only forgiveness. As long as our brothers and sisters in the quiet of the womb are not protected under law, it is sad but not surprising that their advocates won’t be treated with any real justice either.”

Goodman called the verdict a “badge of honor,” saying “it is a blessing to serve them and be willing to suffer so that these precious little ones and their mothers will be protected and loved by society.”

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