Kathleen Gilbert


Priests for Life voter guide presents a stark contrast in the 2012 election

Kathleen Gilbert

NEW YORK, September 7, 2012, (LifeSiteNews.com) - Priests for Life (PFL) has published a one-page voter’s guide with a simple breakdown of the two presidential candidates’ positions on social issues.

The guide, available in English and Spanish, showcases quotes from President Obama and GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney on issues ranging from abortion funding and religious liberty to gay marriage, immigration, and education vouchers. 

The flyer has been legally approved for distribution by churches and 501(c)3 organizations, a guarantee backed up by attorneys with Alliance Defending Freedom. 

“On Election Day, our country will make critical decisions about the types of leaders we will have for years to come. If you have not been doing so, it is time to begin looking more carefully at the candidates who will be running,” said the national pro-life group this week. 

PFL also provides a link to information on federal, state, and local races at ChristianVoterGuide.com. The group advised concerned citizens to check with candidates’ offices to inquire about positions and confirm them with voting records as a precaution against inaccurate answers—or a candidate’s slippery language.

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“Frequently politicians make statements like, ‘I have always been personally pro-life,’ or, ‘I would never encourage a woman to have an abortion.’  Rather than offering comfort to pro-life voters, statements like these should raise red flags, as they are typically followed by, ‘but I would never impose my personal beliefs on anybody else,’ or some similar statement,” wrote Priests for Life President Fr. Frank Pavone. “Even in cases in which these words do not follow, they are often implied.”

“And remember, the key question is not simply what the candidate believes,” he reminded his readers. “Ask what the candidate will do to restore protection to the unborn.”

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