Primary school teacher investigated for saying man should be in a men’s prison

She said he belongs in a male prison because 'that's what he is.'
Thu Feb 22, 2018 - 5:30 pm EST
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Transgender Prostitute CJ Palmer, sentenced to six years in prison for infecting another man with HIV

PERTH, Australia, February 22, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – An elementary school teacher may be fired for politically incorrect comments she made online about a transgender criminal.

Melanie Kennedy, a teacher at Pickering Brook Primary School in Perth, Australia, commented on a PerthNow story about a transgender who was sentenced to six years jail in a Western Australia men’s prison.  

The man who portrays himself as a woman is a transgender prostitute, and he received his prison term for infecting a client with HIV.  He feels he belongs in a women’s prison.

“At least they put him where he a male prison. That is what he is!!!” said Kennedy.  Her posting recieved more than forty “likes” before the backlash began.

”God, let's hope your son isn't transgender,” a Facebook user wrote.

“Let's hope not!” said Kennedy in reply.


The elementary school teacher’s troubles began when someone went to her employer’s Facebook page to complain.  

“Melanie Kennedy is a teacher at this school and actively spreading uneducated bile on Facebook,” wrote a disgruntled reader.

Other comments said:

“Shame you would think someone that is a teacher would be well educated and not a mud flinging neanderthal stirring up hatred for minorities.”


“She should not be in a position to mould innocent minds.”

The incident was then reported to the Department of Education, according to a report. It said:  

“The matter relating to a primary school teacher had now been referred to the Standards and Integrity directorate for assessment,” a statement said.

Professional Standards and Conduct executive director Eamon Ryan said it was important all Department of Education employees abided by its code of conduct, and be familiar with its social media guidelines.

“Our prevention and education team provides a social media presentation and training to individual schools and other department workplaces to help staff understand their responsibilities when using social media – even in their private lives,” Mr Ryan said.

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