Prime Minister Bribes Quebec to Pass Budget and Same-Sex “Marriage” Bill - Only One Chance Left To S

OTTAWA, June 23, 2005 ( - Shameless bribery, using taxpayers’ money or abuse of position, as revealed by the Gomery enquiry and theÂGrewal and Stronach affairs, continues to be the modus operandi for the Liberal Party’s efforts to maintain power in Canada. Facing a possible defeat of its budget and thus a forced election (along with the elimination of the gay ‘marriage’ bill), the Liberals haveÂjust arranged for a hefty sum ofÂ$1.3 billion of unassigned funds in the budget to go to Quebec. This has in turn led the Quebec Liberal government and trade unionsÂto pressure the federalÂBloc Quebecois Party to support the Liberal-NDP budget.

“The Bloc Quebecois should recognize the real interests of Quebec by ensuring the budget is passed and that the money arrives at the right place, that means to municipalities,” Quebec Premier Jean Charest said Tuesday.

The bribery and resulting pressure on the federal Bloc seems to have been at least partially effective so far as the Bloc has, for the first time in twelve years, supported a closure motion, this oneÂcutting off debate onÂthe Liberals’ÂmotionÂto extend Parliament beyond this week into the summer to force passage of the budget Bill C-48 and the gay ‘marriage’ Bill C-38. Parliamentary sources informed that the motion to extend debate beyond this week will be voted on tonight, and likely passed with the support of the Bloc.

Once into next week Parliament will essentially have only one chance at stopping the gay ‘marriage’ bill and that is by defeating the Liberal-NDP budget Bill C-48 which defeat long parliamentary tradition would regard as a defeat of the government and a mandate for an election call. Sources suggest a likely scenario is that the Bloc will notÂpublicly be seen toÂflip-flop from itsÂstrong opposition to C-48Âbut will arrange for some of its members to fail to show up for the vote, thus assuring passage of C-48 unless a healthy number of pro-family Liberals vote against their own government’s budget.

While such an action on the part of pro-family Liberals might cost them their political careers, they will nonetheless go down in political history as having taken an exceptionallyÂprincipled action for the good of the country. Already, former Liberal MP Pat O’Brien who left the party to sit as an independent is being touted as a political hero.

The editorial of the upcoming issue of Canada’s pro-life newspaper, The Interim, compares O’Brien to St. Thomas More.” O’Brien has set a noble example for his fellow MPs . . . By following his conscience, Pat O’Brien has truly done his civic duty and has proven himself a citizen and patriot,” says the editorial. “O’Brien, like More, has shown us the correct order of a public servant¹s obligations: in the words of More just before he was killed, ‘I die the King¹s good servant, but God¹s first.’”

With a large majority of the Liberals, Bloc and NDP supporting the gay ‘marriage’ bill, a vote in the House of Commons next week will likelyÂresult in its passage. The vote onÂC-38 at second reading was 164-137 in favour.


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