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OTTAWA, January 19, 2011 ( – In an interview to mark his five-years as Prime Minister of a minority government, Prime Minister Stephen Harper once again dismissed the subject of abortion, saying he would refuse to address the issue even if the Conservatives won a majority.

CBC’s Peter Mansbridge asked Harper a number of questions about what would be different if the Conservatives attained a majority government.

Mansbridge asked, “Would you reopen the abortion issue?”  Harper replied, “No, no, I’ve spent my political career trying to stay out of that issue.”

Throughout his term, the Prime Minister has consistently voiced his resolve to keep any and all abortion discussion off limits.  In September 2008, Harper told the press his government will not open and will not permit anyone to open a debate on abortion.  Just over a month ago, he voted against Bill C-510 banning coerced abortion. 

Jim Hughes, National President of Campaign Life Coalition Canada, told, “We have been telling people since the beginning that Harper is pro-abortion and has no intention of changing his mind even if he ever does achieve a majority.”

Harper acknowledged to CBC that many people, even within his own party, have “passionate views” against abortion.  “They’re all over the map,” he said.

“Many people I know are pro-life,” he said, “What I say to people, ‘If you want to diminish the number of abortions you’ve got to change hearts, and not laws.’”

“Laws do not change hearts but they restrain the heartless” said Mr. Hughes quoting Martin Luther King. “Harper could care less that 100,000 babies a year have died every year since he took office. Canadians need to let him and all the other party leaders know that they are appalled by party leaders that want so badly to run the country and are so terrified to protect the most defenceless.”

Campaign Life Coalition notes that in Canada no law exists regarding abortion leaving the child in the womb able to be killed at any stage in his development and all at taxpayer expense.  That is, said CLC, the way Harper would leave it.  “I’m not interested in having a debate over an abortion law,” Harper told CBC.

The pro-life political group has urged people to contact their MPs and particularly Prime Minister Harper to disapprove of their silence on the issue.

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