OTTAWA, May 2, 2002 ( – The National Post reports that Prime Minister Jean Chretien lectured his Liberal caucus for 10 minutes on religion yesterday saying that the “best decision” he made after Sept. 11 was not to have a priest speak at the memorial service on Parliament Hill for the victims of the terrorist attacks.  Catholic Liberal MP Dan McTeague was said to have been very offended by the remarks from the supposedly ‘Catholic’ Chretien.  He was seen by several of his colleagues challenging Mr. Chrétien as they left the meeting. “What’s your problem?”, said insider sources to the Post.  Other comments made during the meeting indicated Chretien’s distaste for faithful Catholicism. Insiders revealed that he also mentioned his autobiography, Straight From the Heart, in which he wrote about the power of the Catholic Church in rural Quebec when he was growing up.  He wrote that a Catholic bishop had at one time refused to give his Liberal grandfather communion because he was Liberal. “At that time people were excommunicated for their liberalism, which advocated the separation of the church and state, among other radical measures,” Mr. Chrétien wrote in his 1985 biography.

“Catholic” Chretien and many of his “Catholic” fellow Liberals have for years advanced a revolutionary anti-Catholic moral agenda in Canada and also abroad through the UN and other international agencies. They have received relatively little public criticism from Catholic religious leaders and have been scandalously allowed to receive the sacraments, read in mass, have elaborate Catholic funerals and enjoy all the privileges of church membership without any meaningful religious accountability for their actions. As well, many of these Liberals have for years enjoyed supportive relationships with prominent Canadian Catholic religious leaders. In contrast, the fewer number of strongly pro-life and pro-family Catholic Liberals have often expressed severe frustration over the lack of consistent support from the church.  See the full coverage in the National Post at: See Chretien and the Liberals Canada’s Leading abortionist endorses “Catholic” Prime Minister Canadian Prime Minster supports abortion at Catholic High School