OTTAWA, December 1, 2003 ( – Incoming Prime Minister Paul Martin, who takes office officially on December 12, has appointed gay activist and former Ontario MPP Tim Murphy to the highest position in the Prime Ministers Office – Chief of Staff.  Although not reported by the mainstream media, LifeSite has learned that Murphy is a long-time advocate of homosexual ‘marriage’.  As a legislator in Ontario he introduced legislation which he boasted, “redefines marital status to include same-sex partners.” Murphy has been Martin’s personal chief of staff since 2001.  In June 1993, Murphy, as the MPP for the Toronto riding of St. George- St. David, introduced a Private Members’ Bill to amend the Human Rights code to prohibit all discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.  In addition to altering marital status, Murphy bragged in a press release that his bill would “force private sector companies to extend employment-related benefits to the same-sex partners of their employees.”  Concluding his press release announcing his bill, Murphy said, “These changes are a significant step towards the goal of full equality.  While I believe that these changes are necessary in helping end discrimination based on sexual orientation, I acknowledge they are only a start.”  The news is the third shock for social conservatives who last week noted that Martin had appointed former Trudeau-era cabinet member Francis Fox to be principal secretary in the Prime Ministers Office.  Fox’s former political career ended in disgrace in January 1978 when he resigned as solicitor general.  The Globe and Mail reports that Fox “confessed to the Commons that he had signed someone else’s name on a hospital document to help secure an abortion for a woman with whom he had been having an affair.” Fox was a Quebec MP and cabinet minister from 1972 to 1984. He will quit his job as president of strategic alliances at Rogers AT&T   The first shock was Martin’s invitation to world government advocate, environmental extremist and New Age world religion promoter Maurice Strong to become a senior advisor. LifeSite previously reported Strong saying,“We are all gods now, gods in charge of our own destiny.” CanWest columnist Lorne Gunter reported that Strong “has made it clear he sees no harm in carbon taxes, air travel taxes and financial transaction taxes that raise billions or even trillions annually to fund a super world bureaucracy where he and others can influence world affairs without ever grubbying themselves by seeking approval from—ugh—voters. ”  See the National Post coverage of Murphy’s appointment: