LONDON, September 12, 2005 ( – UK abortionists are authorizing abortions on women whom they have never met or examined, contrary to British law that requires a woman seeking an abortion have a medically necessary reason, even if the over-used and meaningless “mental health” excuse is used.

An investigation by the Daily Mail revealed that National Health Service (NHS) abortuaries are using public money to pay abortionists to illegally authorize abortions. A senior London surgeon said, “I know of doctors who charge £14 an hour to sign these approval forms. They are faxed or biked to them, sometimes hundreds of miles away. Can’t these people see how dangerous this is? They are blinded by money.” The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists said that doctors could authorise abortions without seeing the patient.

Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) spokesman Anthony Ozimic said, “By failing to ensure that women considering abortion are seen by at least one doctor, abortion providers are not only rushing women into the damaging decision to end their child’s life but are also endangering women’s health. The total disregard abortion providers show for women’s health by rushing women into abortion adds to the growing evidence that abortion hurts women, which includes maternal injury, psychological damage, sterility and death. If abortion providers honestly believe in a ‘right to choose’ as distinct from a ‘duty to abort,’ they should ensure women have a ‘right to know’ the truth about abortion, the innocent human being it kills and women it damages.”

The Daily Mail writer commented, “Such actions are a bitter mockery of the original intentions of Parliament, which can never have meant that abortion would become a form of contraception, with 185,000 terminations each year. MPs should be asked to look again at a law which urgently needs revision, and the Government should provide the time for this to happen.”

The Daily Mail report also revealed that a major abortion provider was offering staff cash bonuses for boosting the number of abortions committed.

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