CALGARY, Alberta, September 23, 2013 ( – A grandmother visiting family in Calgary, Alberta last month was startled one morning to find that her car, which had pro-life bumper stickers, was completely trashed.

Vandals, making use of nearby boulders, smashed the car’s rear window, shattered the front windshield, and defaced the entire exterior of the car, before scrawling on the passenger side: “Too bad you weren't aborted”. 

“I think what must have enraged them is a picture in the back window of an aborted baby,” said Maureen Sullivan, a grandmother from Prince Rupert, British Columbia, who was visiting her son, daughter-in-law, and two granddaughters on August 16 when the attack occurred. 

Propped up against the car’s rear window was a grim image of a tiny aborted baby held in an abortionist’s surgically gloved hand. The word “Choice” was written above the image. On the car’s bumper were two stickers. One said: “Abortion…One heart stops, another heart breaks”. The other: “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. -God”. 

Mrs. Sullivan told that the attack happened in a nice area of town that had churches and schools nearby. 

Sullivan said that the experience did not rattle her in the least. 

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“I was very, very calm…unbelievably calm,” she said, after she had viewed her damaged vehicle. “I wasn’t angry. I wasn’t mad. The only thing that caused me some stress was thinking, ‘Oh, what do I do now.’” 

On her daughter-in-law’s advice, Maureen called the police who, upon visiting the scene, told her they were investigating the attack as a hate crime. 

Maureen said that when her granddaughter, aged six, asked her ‘Grandma, aren’t you mad?’ she saw it as a “golden opportunity” to teach her “how to react when somebody hurts you.” 

“I’m not mad,” she remembers telling her granddaughter. “I think we need to pray for that person because they have very angry-angry hearts full of hate.”

If given the chance, Maureen said she would like to reach out to the vandals and ask them what about abortion caused them to react so violently. “Maybe I even could have helped them, who knows…” 

Police estimate $10,000 in damage was done to the 2009 Toyota Corolla. Maureen, who just finished paying for the car, will have most of that expense covered by insurance, minus a $300 deductible she incurred for replacement of the front and rear windows. 

Calgary Police did not respond to LifeSiteNews for comment by press time. 

The vandals have not deterred the pro-life grandmother from continuing to use her car as a witness to the value of human life on behalf of those who have no voice. The pro-life bumper stickers have stayed put, and she is pretty sure the graphic image will return to its former place at the rear window. 

“Yeah, I’m going to put [the image] back in. Why not,” she said.