Thaddeus Baklinski


Pro-abort journalist ‘eats crow’ after claiming photo of explicit Texas protest poster is ‘fake’

Thaddeus Baklinski

WASHINGTON, DC, July 4, 2013 ( - Senior journalist for the Atlantic Wire news service, Elspeth Reeve, had to correct herself after claiming pro-lifers had faked a photo of a little girl holding a sign reading "If I wanted the Government in my womb, I would F*** a Senator!" during the Texas Capitol protest against the state’s proposed late-term abortion ban. 

Conservative blog Twitchy commented that Reeve has had to "eat crow" for failing to check the facts before declaring that the photo was not from the Texas demonstration.

The image went viral after it was first tweeted by Ethan Gehrke, and shown in articles on the demonstration by LifeSiteNews and other pro-life organizations.

In the Atlantic Wire piece, Reeve blasted Twitchy, saying "Twitchy, The Daily Caller, The Blaze, and others picked up a photo showing a little girl holding a sign … How horrible! 'Pro-aborts exploit kids to advocate for killing 'unwanted' ones,' Twitchy's headline blared."

"However, it's a fake," Reeve wrote. "Or at least, it's not from the Texas demonstrations. The photo was posted on a message board in December 2007. The anti-abortion crowd will have to stick with its five Satanists."

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In a subsequent update, however, Reeve crossed out her assertion that the photo was not legitimate and wrote, "I read the date wrong. The photo is real! My apologies. The pro-choice activists appear to have let a kid hold that sign after all, which, gross."

Reeve's mention of the "five satanists" refers to an incident at the Texas Capitol demonstration that has also received considerable attention, when some of the pro-abort protesters attempted to drown out pro-lifers singing the renowned abolitionist hymn “Amazing Grace” by repeatedly shouting “Hail Satan!”

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