Mexican State Reacts Declaring it is in Favour of Life

CUERNAVACA, Mexico, November 13, 2001 ( – A contentious global pro-abortion conference sponsored by the Population Council and the Alan Guttmacher Institute in predominantly Catholic Mexico has outraged from local officials and citizens. AP reports that on Monday health officials from 20 Latin American countries kicked off a regional conference on abortion. The three day conference, with some 250 delegates in attendance, aims to help “Latin American governments establish ‘a free exchange of ideas’ about the possible legalization of abortion.”

The AP coverage, carried in most reports on the conference, astonishingly fails to mention the sponsorship of the Population Council and the Guttmacher Institute and lists only the sponsorship of Mexico’s National Institute of Health.

LifeSite learned that hundreds of demonstrators protested outside the meeting in Cuernavaca in the Mexican state of Morelos. The local pro-life group set up an alternative pro-life conference attended by thousands. At the pro-life meeting, a representative of the governor of the state of Morelos, Sergio Estrada Cajigal, declared Morelos a “state in favour of life to protect it in all its stages.” Several political and religious leaders attended the pro-life conference.

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