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(LifeSiteNews) — A pro-abortion Oklahoma Democratic state representative introduced and then pulled legislation that would require fathers to be financially responsible for children at the moment of conception.

State Rep. Forrest Bennett appears to have withdrawn the legislation after pro-lifers and conservatives praised the legislation.

“This week I filed HB3129, which codifies that a father’s financial responsibility to his baby & their mom begins at conception,” Bennett said on January 21. “If Oklahoma is going to restrict a woman’s right to choose, we sure better make sure the man involved can’t just walk away from his responsibility.”

HB 3129 would require the fathers of preborn babies to cover health insurance and medical costs for the pregnant mother.

“Let me get this out of the way: obviously I’m not moving forward with this bill as written,” Bennett said on Jan. 22. He ensured his followers that he still supports abortion. “Many of you got the subtext that Oklahoma is champing at the bit to outlaw abortion & define life as beginning at conception. But if you didn’t, you might think I want those things. I do not.”

Pro-lifers, meanwhile, likely understood he was trying to troll them, but have continued to respond with support.

“Whenever people try to own the pro-life movement, they inadvertently end up making sound public policy,” Harvard Professor Adrian Vermeule said.

“As the largest pro-family interest group in Washington DC, your proposal has our complete and total endorsement,” American Principles Project wrote.

Support continued to come in after Bennett’s announcement that he did not intend to try to get the law passed.

“DEAL! 23 chromosomes from mom 23 chromosomes from dad[.] Fathers have just as much responsibility as mothers in raising children,” Super Bowl-winning tight end and pro-life advocate Benjamin Watson said.

“This is the way,” Notre Dame Professor Patrick Deneen said.

“This is an important pro-life reform,” wrote Stephen Miller, former advisor to President Donald Trump.

The legislation could still move forward as the top-ranking Oklahoma House Republican said he supports it.

“I’ll be assigning bills tomorrow morning. I’m going to make sure this bill gets a hearing,” Majority Leader Josh West said in a reply to his colleague. “Who knew Forrest was such a champion for pro life?”