Pro-abort Dems drop out of races, back pro-abort Independents; San Fran aims to contain sidewalk counselors

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Mon Sep 8, 2014 - 5:18 pm EST
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As the campaign season heats up, pro-abortion Democrats are dropping out of races to endorse pro-abortion independents, while in California local authorities are trading an abortion facility bubble zone for police involvement against sidewalk counselors.


In light of the Supreme Court's McCullen case against a Massachusetts abortion facility bubble zone, officials in San Francisco are creating a law that would allow police to force pro-life sidewalk counselors away from offices if the counselors were deemed to be too aggressive.

The city already has a 25-foot bubble zone in place, but it may not last in light of the High Court's McCullen decision. The new legislation would allow police officers to enact a 25-foot anti-free speech zone on an ad hoc basis "if they determine that aggressive pursuit or harassment is taking place," reports the San Francisco Gate Chronicle. The law would be similar to one recently enacted in Massachusetts to take the place of the buffer zone. That law would allow police to arbitrarily decide who is "impeding" the ability of women to enter clinics.


The Democratic Party and a former Republican are teaming up to defeat incumbent pro-life Republican Governor Sean Parnell this fall.

Last week the Democratic candidate for governor, Byron Mallott, ended his campaign and endorsed independent gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker, a former Republican. Both candidates support abortion-on-demand. The Democratic Party has endorsed the partnership.

The campaign switch-up was done in part to gather the endorsement of the AFL-CIO, a powerful union. If victorious, Mallott would serve as Walker's lieutenant governor.

However, last week Walker tried to walk back his promises on abortion. Previously, he had said abortion laws would not be more restrictive under his leadership. Now, he says that he “can’t guarantee how I would handle any particular bill...I can guarantee a process." He had also promised to veto any pro-life bills, but now says that promise was "further than I wanted to go."


Democratic Senate nominee Chad Taylor must have taken a page out of the Alaskan Democratic playbook – he also dropped out of his race against incumbent Senator Pat Roberts this week, leaving independent Greg Orman the likely choice of Democratic voters.

Orman is a supporter of abortion-on-demand. He has donated to both parties, has a business background, and supports tax and regulatory reforms, but also wants a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Roberts has a 100 percent rating from National Right to Life, according to


Only two years into her first term, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren has made such a name for herself attacking Wall Street that she is being talked about as a potential presidential candidate in 2016. Yesterday, though, she lent her name to a fundraising e-mail for EMILY's List, which backed her against her eventual Republican challenger.

"There's nothing quite like the EMILY's List community," says the email. "As I wrote about in my book, A Fighting Chance, when I was still trying to decide if I wanted to run for the Senate in 2012, Stephanie Schriock promised that EMILY's List would help me throughout the campaign. And that's just what they did, every step along the way."

EMILY's List is one of the nation's largest pro-abortion political action groups, and exclusively supports women. According to Warren's email, that's exactly what the nation needs. "Being in a room of smart, strong Democratic women is important—because we've got a lot of work to do right now."

"If we're going to keep control of the Senate this November, it's up to our pro-choice Democratic women to win," she wrote.

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New York

Failed mayoral candidate and former New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has joined the board of NARAL Pro-Choice New York “to make sure that Albany is soup-to-nuts pro-choice.”

Quinn says one of her goals is to elect more abortion-supporting Democrats who can pass the Women's Equality Act, which includes provisions that dramatically expand abortion in the state. Quinn, an open lesbian, has also supported same-sex "marriage" in the state, and is working to fight what the New York Times calls "homophobia in sports." 

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