TORONTO, March 17 (  The pro-abortion group Anti-Racist Action (ARA) has turned up the heat with its anti-HLI propaganda in preparation for the upcoming Human Life International conference in Toronto. ARA has set up a new web page called “Stop Human Life International,”  which is full of vulgar language, and profane and pornographic pictures. The pamphlet features a picture of Jesus carrying a cross made into a swastika. It also provides a list of “HLI” quotes which are taken out of context in order to charge HLI of being racist.

The group targets three Canadian pro-life groups, claiming that “In Canada, the major anti-abortion groups are Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), Realwomen, and Human Life International (HLI).”  Besides the demonstration set for April 10, the pamphlet advertises another pro-abortion protest set for the first day of HLI’s conference – April 7 – and notes that the Ontario Coalition of Abortion Clinics will be providing busing to the protests.

Here is the link to the ARA pamphlet. Be advised that the content contravenes all standards of morality and civility:

(with files from Pro-Life E-News)