By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

TOPEKA, December 14, 2007 ( – Paul Morrison, the Kansas Attorney General who canceled a criminal investigation of his financial backer, late term abortionist George Tiller, has announced his resignation in the wake of a scandal in which he is accused of sexual harassment and an attempt to illegally gain information on investigations against his abortionist patron.

Morrison made the decision after officials in Johnson County, the jurisdiction where he was accused of wrongdoing, announced that they had allocated $25,000 to hire a special prosecutor to investigate the case.

“I have held others accountable for their actions, and now I must be held accountable for my mistakes,” said Morrison during his announcement. He later added, “Many people feel betrayed by my actions, and they have every right to feel that way.”

The accusations against Morrison surfaced December 9th, when the Topeka Capital-Journal revealed that Linda Carter, a staffer in the Johnson County District Attorney’s office, had filed a civil rights claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging that Morrison had pressured her to divulge information about investigations against Tiller and had sexually harassed her in the process.

Carter also alleged that Morrison urged her to write letters supporting eight staffers fired by Johnson County District Attorney Phillip Kline, who were suing for wrongful termination, according to the Capital-Journal (see recent LifeSiteNews coverage at

Carter claimed that she and Morrison had had a two-year relationship beginning during his tenure as district attorney of Johnson County and which continued well after he had left office and had been replaced by his nemesis, former Kansas Attorney General Phillip Kline, who had been investigating Tiller. 

Kline lost the Attorney General position to Morrison after a bitter campaign waged by pro-abortion forces seeking to derail Kline’s investigation of Tiller’s late-term abortion practice. However, Kline was able to continue his investigation as the district attorney for Johnson County.

Morrison admitted to the relationship, but denied charges of wrongdoing. The Kansas political establishment, including his Democratic allies, seemed to hope for a quick resignation.

Jenn Giroux, Executive Director of Women Influencing the Nation, a pro-life organization that has opposed Morrison, was glad to see him go. “As the chief law enforcement officer of the state of Kansas, this man had intervened at the Supreme Court level, on the side of the criminal defendent Planned Parenthood against his own prosecutor Phil Kline,” she told LifeSiteNews.

“That is telltale, that is alarming, and it’s a good thing he did step down because he has blocked the criminal charges that judges have found probable cause for, he has blocked those charges and oftentimes that has not been reported in the press, just how much abortion money from across the country poured into that state to make sure he was elected to protect Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry,” said Giroux.

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