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June 27, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) ― “Unplanned” will open in Canadian cinemas in July and pro-abortion activists aren’t happy about it.

The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC) published a statement this week calling the film version of a former Planned Parenthood manager’s memoirs, also entitled “Unplanned,” “dangerous.”

“The American film 'Unplanned,' soon to be screened in a few Canadian theatres, is a dangerous piece of anti-abortion propaganda,” ARCC stated. 

“It preaches an absolutist and extreme case against abortion that has nothing to do with reality.” 

Despite the pro-abortion policies of at least two major Canadian political parties, ARCC stated that it is Canada’s “only national political pro-choice advocacy group.” The group also said “Unplanned” demonizes abortion providers and stated that it feared the film will lead to violence. 

“Because of the film’s demonization of abortion providers, ARCC fears the movie could incite fanatics to commit acts of harassment or violence against clinics or doctors,” it wrote. 

Joyce Arthur, the group’s executive director, repeated the charge. 

The film’s vicious falsehoods against providers could incite hatred and violence against them, including here in Canada,” she added and argued that “women and transgender people” have a right to abort their children based on Canada’s Charter of Rights. 

“But the film also aims to challenge abortion rights. That’s a non-starter in Canada, where women and transgender people have a Charter right to abortion based on their rights to bodily autonomy and equality.”

Arthur admitted that a belief that the killing of humans at their earliest stage of development  is a “human right” may have led to the difficulties “Unplanned” found in finding a Canadian distributor. She also spoke disparagingly of the “fetal gore” in the film, i.e. the frank depiction of mutilated unborn human babies. 

“This film won’t succeed in a country that respects human rights. That may explain why the film’s producers couldn’t achieve widespread distribution here,” Arthur wrote. 

 “I think only anti-choice people will enjoy seeing the film because it wallows in fetal gore – which is why it got slapped with a Restricted rating.”

Abby Johnson suggested that the Canadian abortion lobbyists should watch “Unplanned” before writing fanciful reviews. 

“I urge the ARCC to actually go and see ‘Unplanned’ before making inflammatory statements not based in any sort of reality,” she told LifeSiteNews. 

“I've already addressed the perceived inaccuracies, but perhaps the strongest argument for my story comes from Planned Parenthood themselves since they have a huge legal team, none of whom have successfully sued me,” she continued.  

“They tried after I left Planned Parenthood, but a judge not only threw their case out, but lectured them for wasting the precious time of the court.”

Johnson pointed out that since then she has helped more than 500 abortion workers leave their jobs and find “life-affirming” ones.  

“Their testimonies back mine as well,” she said. 

Meanwhile, she is delighted that “Unplanned” is coming to Canada. 

“I am thrilled Canadians will finally get the chance to see the truth behind the pretty pink lies of the abortion industry as told in ‘Unplanned’ and join the multitude of people who have changed their mind about abortion,” she said.  

“That's the ultimate power of the film and one that has rightly threatened the existence of abortion,” Johnson continued. 

“Isn't that what ARCC is truly afraid of?”

Brad Trost, Saskatoon-University’s Conservative Member of Parliament, is also glad that the film will debut in Canada next month.

“It took some time but on July 12th ‘Unplanned’ … is coming to Canada,” he wrote on Twitter. 

“Canadians will now get to see exactly what Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director saw…the reality of abortion,” he continued. 

“We said ‘Canada wants Unplanned’ and because of our voices, we got it!”