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CONCORD, New Hampshire, June 23, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Pro-abortion Republican Gov. Chris Sununu of New Hampshire is under fire from his own allies for saying he won’t veto the proposed $13.5 billion state budget for the next two years solely to stop a provision banning abotion past 24 weeks.

“The ban has no allowances for rape, incest or fatal fetal anomaly,” Somersworth city councilor Crystal Paradis said to Sununu last week at a Tri-City Chamber of Commerce forum, the Fosters Daily Democrat reported. “It can mean up to seven years in prison for doctors. What do you say to the medical community who soundly oppose this?”

“First, it is not my bill,” the governor responded. “It is the Legislature's proposal. And 43 other states have similar clauses, including Massachusetts and New York, who have almost the exact same law. No one is screaming at them. Do you want me to scrap a $13 billion budget for this one item? I will not do that.”

“I am pro-choice,” he continued. “I have always supported a woman's right to choose and never opposed late-term abortions. If they keep it in the budget, and I suspect they will, I will not veto the budget.”

Last week, pro-abortion protesters converged outside the New Hampshire State House to protest the budget, InDepth NH reported, including a dozen dressed in the red robes of the 1985 novel and currently-running Hulu drama The Handmaid’s Tale. The fictional series depicts a dystopian future in which women are enslaved and raped to bear children for their rulers. Pro-abortion activists have seized on the show to provoke fear that legally protecting preborn babies somehow amounts to controlling women.

Pro-life lawmakers also attached to the budget language requiring that ultrasounds be performed prior to abortions and requiring the state to review state family planning spending to ensure taxpayer dollars are not directly or indirectly financing abortions.

Before reaching Sununu’s desk, the budget faces a final legislative vote on June 24. “A recent poll by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center found 48 percent of Granite Staters support a ban after 24 weeks and 40 percent oppose a ban,” the Washington Examiner noted.