STANFORD, October 22, 2001 ( – The United Nations Association Film Festival, held at Stanford University is set to air a pro-abortion propaganda film “Soldiers in the Army of God” as part of its annual festival. The festival airs documentaries following on the United Nations’ concerns of “human rights, women’s issues, the environment, racism, disease, war and peace.” The decision to air a sensationalistic propaganda film demonstrates that pro-abortion activism is perceived as part of the United Nations agenda.

On Sunday April 1, 2001 HBO aired “Soldiers in the Army of God” on their America Undercover program. An HBO promo said, “This film candidly explores the reasons behind terrorist tactics, such as bombing clinics and killing doctors, and looks at the chilling effects this violence has had on abortion providers.” The program was a professional presentation which pro-life leaders suggest attempted to engender hatred for the general pro-life movement.

While the festival does not claim political or financial connections with the United Nations itself, it is sponsored by the United Nations Association’s Mid-Peninsula Chapter and the Stanford Film Society.

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