HALIFAX, NS, Mar 2, 2001 ( – CBC, the Canadian public broadcaster, is again engaging in pro-abortion propaganda with a made for television movie funded by CBC that accuses the pro-life movement of involvement in the murder of abortionists and abortuary staff. CBC plans to air the two-hour film “Chasing Cain” on Sunday April 8, 2001 at 8pm. CBC claims in its press release that the film is “inspired by real life Canadian homicide cases.” The CBC description says the film “follows two homicide detectives investigating a brutal drive-by shooting … of a doctor and a Croatian woman who work at an abortion clinic,” leading detectives “Kazlowski and McGoogan to a suspect with ties to the pro-life movement.”

The film was directed by Jerry Ciccoritti, written by Andrew Rai Berzins, produced and co-created by Bernard Zukerman of Bernard Zukerman Productions, with Michael Donovan of Salter Street Films. It stars Peter Outerbridge Alberta Watson.

The Canadian broadcaster first promoted its involvement in the film in July 2000 with a press release about the made for CBC film. “Steeped in a reality seldom seen in Canadian television, producer Bernard Zukerman and writer Andrew Berzins spent months with detectives of the Toronto homicide squad, as well as the coroners, crown attorneys and pathologists who assist in the investigations,” said the release.

To contact the CBC to ask them not to air the propaganda film:  CBC Audience Relations [email protected] If unsatisfied with the response contact the CBC Ombudsman at:  [email protected]

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