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TITUSVILLE, Florida, (LifeSiteNews) – One of the pro-life movement’s most outspoken and heroic priests says there is good reason to believe that a pro-life majority decision in the U.S. Supreme Court case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization has been reached.

“It would not have been leaked in the first place if they had been able to make some change in the outcome,” said Fr. Frank Pavone, founder and director of Priests for Life, commenting on the May 2 leak of Justice Samuel Alito’s majority draft opinion in Dobbs. “Obviously, that hadn’t worked; otherwise, there would have been no need to leak this.”

Because of the increased political and public pressure on the Supreme Court caused by the leak, Fr. Pavone states that, moving forward, the court must more seriously take into account questions about its integrity.

“If someone changes his or her mind, well now, what is that going to mean?” Fr. Pavone asked. “Now it’s going to be open season on the Supreme Court. Any decision that somebody doesn’t like, they just apply public pressure and ‘Oh, we can get somebody to change their mind.’”

He added, “It’s not simply political pressure — it’s mob pressure — and this will just harm even more the Supreme Court and its ability to go forward on any constitutional basis.”

While pro-abortion radicals continue to ratchet up pressure on conservative Supreme Court justices, Pavone confirmed that fellow veteran pro-life activists have witnessed a corresponding uptick in agitation by the forces of darkness working through the other side. “[These pro-lifers] have never seen it at the fever pitch that it is now,” Pavone explained, “in terms of the ugliness, the demonic expressions … the vile behavior.”

Fr. Pavone believes the pro-life response to this unfolding scenario can be found in prayer.  “I love to do the exercise of turning to the Lord and saying, ‘I am washing myself in the blood of Jesus,’” Pavone said. “We have to cleanse ourselves in the blood of Jesus that overcomes all that evil no matter or how powerful or how vile it might be.”

The pro-life priest also indicated that it is the efforts of pro-lifers through many election cycles that have brought the world to the brink of the Dobbs decision.

“We would not be at this point if it weren’t for President Trump [and] the people who worked to elect him,” Pavone said. “Many of the voters who elected him back in 2016 and voted for him again in 2020 were doing so motivated by one thing in particular — namely, the Supreme Court. They knew that he would be in a position to put pro-life justices there.”

“People really need to therefore realize that although it is not always immediate, the effort they put into elections really matters,” Pavone said. “It does bear fruit, even though that fruit might be delayed by a number of years.”

“We are seeing a great fruit of many, many election battles that pro-lifers have persevered in, and it is no time to let up now. We’ve got to continue on that track,” he concluded.