By John Connolly

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, February 6, 2008 ( – John McCain has received another endorsement in the wake of his victories on February 5, “Super Tuesday.” The Republicans for Choice Political Action Committee decided that McCain was the best candidate to make the Republican Party pro-choice following Rudy Giuliani’s withdrawal from the race, reported CNS News today.

McCain, a long favorite with the “moderate” Republicans, won significant numbers of delegates in Tuesday’s primaries.

Republicans for Choice PAC wants to see the Republican Party transformed from a party of religious values and social conservatism to one of conservative economics and liberal social policies concerning abortion and homosexuality. Embracing abortion is seen as the quickest road to the Republicans regaining power.

“I would contend that the issues and hypocrisy surrounding our Party’s conflict over a woman’s right to choose helped set the stage for the Party’s downfall this past year,” writes Republicans for Choice PAC founder, Ann E. W. Stone on the PAC’s website. “And until they recognize these problems we won’t regain the Congress or keep the White HouseâEUR¦and frankly we won’t deserve to.”

Republicans for Choice initially favored Rudy Giuliani for president, but have given their endorsement to McCain following Giuliani’s withdrawal from the race on January 29. Stone says that McCain is the least pro-life candidate in the field, and is thus deserving of the Republicans for Choice endorsement.

“[McCain] is [pro-life], but it’s not at the top of his agenda, not like Huckabee or the born-again Romney,” Stone said in an interview with CNS News. “He’s shown his willingness to reach across the party, and we look forward to those discussions.”

A more radical PAC, Republican Majority for Choice, has not endorsed any candidate yet for fear it would hurt the endorsee’s campaign. The PAC only endorses pro-choice candidates, and felt it was too early to endorse Giuliani.

“We support the protection of reproductive rights, including the full range of reproductive options,” says the Republican Majority for Choice website. “We believe that personal and medical decisions are best made between a woman, her doctor and her family and out of the hands of government. We are deeply concerned with the direction of our Party if it continues to endorse a social agenda that is both intrusive and alienating.”

The removal of the pro-life plank from the Republican Party has many pro-life voters concerned. Life issues appear to have faded into the background, next to electability considerations.

“My first thought was how embarrassing for the pro-lifers who have signed on for McCain,” said Colleen Parro, executive director of the Republican National Coalition for Life to CNS News.

The pro-choice endorsement is particularly embarrassing to Senator Sam Brownback, who endorsed McCain when his own presidential campaign fizzled early in the running. Brownback has constantly been questioned about his endorsement since it became apparent that McCain had not changed his stance on embryonic stem-cell research, and that he is passive when it comes to homosexual “marriage.”

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