Pro-Abortion Students Disrupt University Pro-Life Display with Manure

Fri Mar 31, 2006 - 12:15 pm EST

By Gudrun Schultz

CALGARY, Alberta, March 31, 2006 ( – Pro-abortion protestors at the University of Calgary dumped bags of cow manure in front of the Campus for Life Genocide Awareness Project on Tuesday.

The pro-life display depicts large, bloody images of abortion and historical genocide, comparing society’s sanction of the killing of unborn children to past government-sanctioned slaughter during the Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide.

“It’s a comparison of atrocities in the past where governments and society have stripped the distinctions between human-hood and person-hood,” Campus for Life president Josh Nugent told the Gauntlet.

“In the past, when governments have stripped person-hood status from human beings, genocide has taken place. That’s what happened during the Holocaust, that’s what happened in Rwanda, that’s what happened on the killing fields of Cambodia. In every case, that is wrong. Just like the unborn, that is wrong. These cases are not the same, but they’re similar, and that’s the common thread. They’ve said this is a human being, but not a person, thus it shall not be granted rights as a human.”

The controversial exhibit has triggered violent reactions in the past from students in favour of abortion-at UBC in 1999 and Calgary in 2005.

This year, along with the bagged manure, students opposed to allowing the presentation of pro-life views and materials on campus displayed a banner reading “your campaign stinks like manure.”

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