Reference to Promoting “Vandalism” Removing From Activist Guide

VANCOUVER, February 20, 2002 ( – The pro-abortion “Students for Choice” website is urging pro-abortion activists to infiltrate pro-life campus groups in an attempt to thwart pro-life activities. The same website, was reported to police after advising pro-abortion students to use “vandalism” to destroy pro-life displays on university campuses.

“Look at the website of your campus’ anti-choice group; contact them by email, talk to them without revealing you are pro-choice. Find out whether they have links to any other anti-choice groups or to local churches, and try to find out what their upcoming plans are. You can even join the group and pretend to be anti-choice,” advises the pro-abortion activist guide. The guide even boasts of a successful infiltration and names the member who fraudulently misrepresented herself. “At UBC, Erin Kaiser contacted the presidents of Lifeline by email, pretending to be ‘Mary Jane O’Keefe,’ a young Baptist girl from Red Deer, Alberta, and subsequently joined the group.”

Last week the website was advocating “vandalism” and the use of “spray paint” and “scissors” to deface and destroy pro-life displays. But after letters of protest from the Pro-Life Resource Centre and Campaign Life Coalition BC to the Attorney General, the website has removed the offensive terms but retained the call for destruction of the pro-life displays. The site continues to advocate the vandalism but no longer openly refers to it as such. The altered site now reads, in a section dealing with on-campus pro-life displays, “Or you could take it down. If you choose this option, DO NOT DO IT ALONE OR IN A SMALL GROUP. Make it a mass action or do not do it at all. In a group of fifty or more, calmly approach the display, and one by one take a piece of it down. “

See the activist section on the Students for Choice site: