TORONTO, Mar 16 ( – Anti-Racist Action, a radical pro-abortion terrorist group has sent out a call to pro-aborts, gay activists and socialists to join in a demonstration against Human Life International during their conference to be held from April 7-11 in Toronto. ARA is teaming up with a group calling itself the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP), the New Socialist Group (NSG), and “a wide range of pro-choice and other community groups” to organize “against HLI’s presense (sic) here in Toronto”.

ARA and the motley crew have chosen Saturday April 10 to stage their demonstration to coincide with the Youth Day planned by HLI.

Anti-Racist Action has publicly advocated the torching of Dominoes Pizza outlets (for their owner’s pro-life stance). They advocate firebombing opponents and physically break up meetings of people they oppose, damaging private property. Despite the extremism, the ARA has received government funding in the past, and was endorsed by the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

An anti-HLI ARA fundraiser advertised in recent weeks featured bands with names so vulgar they are not fit to print.

(With files from Pro-Life E-News and the Conservative Times)