JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., Sept. 23 ( – The Missouri partial-birth abortion ban voted in two weeks ago by a veto-proof margin – only to be held up for 10 days by a court order – has been delayed once again. U.S. District Judge Scott O. Wright said today that he would begin to hear witnesses in the challenge to the law by abortionists on March 27. He also noted that the restraining order he issued Friday would remain in effect. 

In related news, the Kansas City Star reports that Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan, who fought vehemently to have his veto of the bill stand, threatened the pro-life House member who put forward the Infant’s Protection Act. Rep. Bill Luetkenhaus, a Josephville Democrat, revealed that Carnahan warned him during a late-night meeting at the Capitol office that he “would turn Catholic women against me” if the ban was overridden. When Luetkenhaus asked if Carnahan was threatening him, Carnahan changed the subject without responding. Even when Luetkenhaus pressed, Carnahan “danced around the issue and moved to something else.”

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