ARLINGTON, Virginia, October 4, 2011 ( – Two students at the University of Buffalo (UB) have been arrested after allegedly vandalizing a pro-life display set up by pro-life students at the university, reports Students for Life of America (SFLA).

Sara Buttitta, president of University of Buffalo Students for Life, informed SFLA that their Cemetery of the Innocents display had been torn down by four unknown UB students.

A blurry campus surveillance video showed four individuals ripping the display out of the ground and disposing of it in trash bags.  The campus police were able to recover the bags and UB Students for Life re-assembled the display in the afternoon.

Later that day, Sara alerted SFLA’s Northeast Regional Coordinator Phil Eddy that two students – a male and female – had been arrested after they were allegedly seen kicking crosses over and ripping them out of the ground.

According to Sara, the arresting officer alluded to the possibility of these students facing hate crime charges for their actions. This would be the first time students face such harsh charges for vandalizing a pro-life display.

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