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Former Ohio state Rep. Christina Hagan is jeered by pro-abortion supporters at the Ohio Statehouse in December.

COLUMBUS, Ohio, January 7, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Pro-abortion zealots cursed, jeered and screamed at former Ohio state Rep. Christina Hagan and her twin babies as they approached the Ohio House floor in late December for Hagan to cast her vote on the state’s Heartbeat bill veto override.

A photo circulating social media shows Hagan pushing her infant sons in a stroller in the Ohio statehouse as the shouting abortion extremists lined her path, one in close proximity flipping her off.

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List said in a Facebook post regarding the atrocious display. SBA List encouraged followers to send a message of support to Hagan.

Hagan, 30, the mother of three — a young daughter in addition to her baby sons — began serving in the Ohio House of Representatives in 2012.

She ran for Congress unsuccessfully last year and did not seek re-election in the Ohio House. Hagan was the youngest woman to have ever served in Ohio's legislature and had been the second youngest Republican female state representative in the United States.

She sponsored House Bill 258, which would have prohibited abortion on any Ohio baby with a detectable heartbeat except in cases of a physical threat to the mother. The state’s legislature passed the bill between November and December, but it was then be vetoed by Republican Gov. John Kasich just before Christmas.

The House got 61 votes to override the veto, but the Senate fell one vote short of the 20 necessary to save the pro-life law.

The Heartbeat bill was reintroduced last week by Hagan’s former joint sponsors on the bill, Rep. Ron Hood and Rep Candice Keller.

Hagan had worked previously in her tenure in the Ohio House to advance heartbeat legislation.

In addition to SBA List, other pro-life organizations shared the photo and expressed dismay at the radical abortion vitriol directed at Hagan as she arrived with her babies to vote on Heartbeat bill veto override.

Live Action called the display “heartbreaking,” and Life News termed it “terrible.”

Hagan commented in a number of posts, remarking in one on the collision between a culture of life and a culture of death.

Expressing gratitude to a Canadian pro-life group having commended her, Hagan said, “Thank you for your kindness. Empowered women empower women. The abortion industry only tells women that they can’t while the life movement reminds and reaffirms women that they can!”