January 27, 2012 ( – Protesters demonstrating against abortions being carried out in Barcelona-area Catholic hospitals were attacked by an angry mob pro-abortion counter-demonstrators, some of whom reportedly threw rocks and trash, as well as obscene insults.

Dramatic video footage of the demonstration show the pro-life activists flanked by riot police, who are standing in between the pro-lifers and a group of angry pro-abortion demonstrators.

The protest was held, as it is on the 25th of every month, outside of Barcelona’s Santa Creu i Sant Pau (Holy Cross and Saint Paul) Hospital, in protest against the hospital’s continuing policy of performing abortions. The pro-life activist organization HazteOir (Make Yourself Heard) reports that 350 people attended.

The group, which normally protests for about 30 minutes and then prays the rosary while marching to the Basilica of the Holy Family, walked “under the cries of a hundred pro-abortionists and radicals, infuriated people who didn’t cease to yell and insult at every moment” said Tania Fernández of Barcelona Right to Life. Fernandez added that the protesters appeared frustrated because “they are powerless before the peace, joy, and tranquility that we have despite their cries, blasphemies, insults, spitting, and more.”


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However, the counter-protesters grew even more violent in their anger when the pro-life demonstrators began to pray the rosary. “Upon hearing it, the violent (counter-protesters) ignited with blasphemies and began to throw stones – before they had been tomatoes and eggs,” said Fernandez.

The whole thing, she added, was a “tragic theater to ask for ‘abortion on demand, free of charge.’”

Although Fr. Custodio Ballester, a Barcelona-area priest who has helped to organize the march, was not present this month due to his participation in the March for Life in Washington D.C., Hazte Oir reports that a Russian Evangelical Protestant minister, a Pastor Valery from the Pañuel church, attended with his 12 members.”

Pro-life protesters have been gathering outside of the Canta Creu i Sant Pau hospital since May of last year in response to the hospital’s policy of conducting abortions, a policy it allegedly shares with other Barcelona-area Catholic hospitals.

The hospital has admitted that it has been doing abortions, and claims that it now will only do them when there is “danger” for the mother, a broad term it has not explained, and that has been use in Spain for decades to justify virtually all abortions. It also acknowledges that it continues to do abortion referrals.

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