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Pro-adoption TV ad campaign garners hundreds of calls to pro-life pregnancy counselors

John Westen

GRAND RAPIDS, January 7, 2013 ( – A 2012 media campaign that featured a television ad promoting adoption led to hundreds of calls to pregnancy counselors and the saving of lives, according to Heroic Media, the organization behind the ad.

The ad, titled “The Adoption Option,” featured a simple message: Adoption is a positive solution and alternative for a birthmother, a life-changing blessing for adoptive parents and a gift of love and hope to adopted children. The campaign marked the first-ever national TV ad campaign focused on adoption as a positive alternative to abortion.

The ad aired 45 times over a four-week period.  As a result of the campaign, hundreds of pregnant women unsure about their situation contacted Bethany Christian Services’ licensed pregnancy counselors for more information about their options.

According to the Christian organization, one such birthmother in Florida contacted the organization to discuss adoption as she had been considering leaving her baby at the hospital after giving birth, as allowed by state law. Ultimately, the birthmother decided to place her daughter with a pastor and his wife.

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“This campaign represents a partnership between two national leaders in the fight for life and alternatives to abortion,” said Bill Blacquiere, president/CEO of Bethany. “The commercial has already impacted lives across the country and we will continue to air it in hopes of connecting women with adoption resources in 2013.”

According to Marissa Cope, director of marketing research and communications for Heroic Media, the goal of the campaign was to reach women in the target audience with the message that adoption is a viable option and to address their feelings, needs and questions about adoption.

After which the ad made a clear call to action to invite women to contact an adoption resource such as a particular adoption agency or helpline.

For more information visit Heroic Media here and Bethany Christian Services here.

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