Pro-BLM school board member under investigation for sex abuse of 60+ students

The Black Lives Matter activist on the Denver school board denies allegations from children that he committed acts that ranged from touching to 'violent act of rape.'
Wed Jun 2, 2021 - 4:47 pm EST
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DENVER, June 2, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – A Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist and Denver, Colorado school board member is under investigation over allegations that he sexually assaulted as many as 62 minors and counted on their immigration status to keep them quiet.

In March, local BLM chapter Black Lives Matter 5280 went public with an accusation from an unidentified woman that Tay Anderson had sexually assaulted her. Anderson denied the “gut-wrenching” allegations by claiming he was “not aware of any actions of mine that could be considered or construed as sexual assault,” or of “any past partners who have considered anything I have done as sexual assault.”

Colorado education news site Chalkbeat reported at the time that the school board responded simply by confirming there was “no pending criminal investigation or charge” and pledging to “review any additional information it receives immediately and consider appropriate next steps.” In April, the board hired the Denver-based outside firm Investigations Law Group to investigate the allegation.

On May 22, Denver mother-of-three and community activist Mary-Katherine Brooks Fleming testified before the Colorado House Judiciary Committee that 62 students had come to her for help about the same “sexual predator targeting DPS children,” with allegations ranging from unwanted touching to “violent acts of rape,” the Denver Post reported. Though she did not name the alleged predator, the school board subsequently confirmed she was referring to Tay Anderson.

“Those who came to my home didn’t have health insurance, couldn’t afford emergency rooms, and even if they could, they wanted to avoid mandatory reporters for fear that such an interaction could jeopardize their family,” Brooks Fleming said. “It is horrifying to realize that someone had preyed on these children, knowing their silence was guaranteed.”

Anderson is stepping away from “everyday board functions” while the investigation is ongoing, but will still vote on “key matters,” Chalkbeat added. Anderson denied the latest claims, and says he will make no further comments on the matter until the investigation is finished.

The Post-Millennial reported that, as a supporter of BLM, Anderson has vowed to “cement” BLM’s ideology in school district policy and has accused the controversial group’s critics of “bigotry.”

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