TORONTO, Mar 18 (  Will Offley, a “pro-choice” researcher featured on BCC radio as an authority on violence in the Canadian pro-life movement, has again been linked to violent pro-abortion extremists. In an email Offley sent to his supporters today, Offley quoted yesterday’s LifeSite News piece on the Anti-Racist Action (ARE) group. Offal was supportive of the group,  and failed to condemn its violence.

Pro-lifers across Canada have condemned outright all abortion violence including any violence against abortionists and their accomplices. However, Offley, who has taken great pains to attempt to draw a connection between the Canadian pro-life movement and attacks against abortionists and abortuaries, fails to distance himself from anarchist groups which openly advocate violence against pro-lifers and others. These groups tend to exploit vulnerable, hurting youths who are easily manipulated to plunge themselves into an emotional cause which they do not fully understand.  Other than his support for the hate-mongering ARE group, Offley is aligned with another violent pro-abortion group in the US. Refuse and Resist calls itself an anti-fascist group and is violent in their opposition to most conservative views including opposition to abortion and homosexuality which R&R classifies as expressions of fascism. In 1997 Offley wrote: “The only appropriate response to fascism is to crush it, totally, by any means necessary.”

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