OTTAWA, Nov 20 (LSN) – Official Opposition Critic for Families, Eric Lowther, has learned that the Heritage Committee will discuss his request to review the process by which the report on Canada’s compliance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is prepared. The discussion will take place on Wednesday,  November 25th. Mr. Lowther has requested that all pro-family advocates contact the members of the Heritage Committee with their concerns about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and ask for a public review of Canada’s report to the UN committee before it is sent.  Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage Membership   CHAIR Clifford Lincoln [email protected]   VICE-CHAIRS Inky Mark [email protected] Ted McWhinney [email protected]   MEMBERS Mauril Belanger, Paul Bonwick, Sarmite Bulte, John Godfrey, Joe Jordan,  Raymond Lavigne, Wendy Lill, Eric Lowther, Dennis Mills, Mark Muise,  Jim Pankiw, Caroline St-Hilaire, Suzanne Tremblay   ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Jim Abbott, Andre Bachand, Claude Bachand, Rick Borotsik, Cliff Breitkreuz,  Pierre Brien, Serge Cardin, Denis Coderre, Antoine Dub,, Maurice Dumas, Gordon Earle,  Christiane Gagnon, Albina Guarnieri, Monique Guay, Rick Lalibert,Francine Lalonde,  Peter MacKay, Pat O’Brien, Louis Plamondon, George Proud, Benoit Sauvageau,  Elsie Wayne